Gomez, Isabel

Ms. Gomez         4th Grade Reading        Conference Time: 9:00-9:45

In order for your child to reach academic success, I consider it of prime importance that you be an active part of your child's education. It is through open communication and collaboration that parents and teachers can enable a child to reach their full potential and find success.

I have set up this website as a tool of communication between you (the parents) and our classroom (4C). I will be updating this page often with useful information as well as showcasing student work. You can also contact me via this website should you have any questions, or concerns.

Class Rules

Follow directions first time they are given.
Raise your hand before speaking or standing.
Keep hands and feet to yourself. (Respect each other’s property.)
No put-downs, bullying, jokes, teasing, or naming calling. (Respect one another.)
Be prepared. All school work is to be turned in on time. (No exceptions.)


1st consequence: Verbal Warning
2nd consequence: Parent will receive a note or phone call informing the parent on the inappropriate behavior of the student. The behavior will be documented on a “behavior log.”
3rd consequence: A parent-teacher conference will be held and a discipline referral will be issued by the principal and entered into student’s profile in the computer.
Severe consequence: Student will be sent to the principal’s office immediately.


Students who behave will earn:

Will receive an assignment coupon
Will get to select a “fun activity” to do independently
Lots of praise and positive notes sent home