Vargas, Roberto

Salutations my earth beings. I am

Mr. Vargas


Always respect yourself and others.
Always be ready to work and learn.
Always try your hardest and strive to be your best.
Always focus on you and what you can contribute.
Always know that I believe in you and am here for you through the thick and thin.

8:15-9:00            1st/2nd Reading Pull Out
9:00-9:45            3C Math Inclusion
9:45-10:30          4B Math Inclusion
10:30-11:00        3C Reading Pull Out
11:00-11:30        5A Math Inclusion
11:30-11:45        4B Reading Pull Out
11:45-12:20        Lunch
12:20-12:35        4B Reading Pull Out
12:35-1:20          5A/5B Interventions Pull Out
1:20-2:05            3C Reading Inclusion
2:05-2:50            5B Reading Inclusion
2:50-3:15            Conference

*schedule is subject to change depending on ARDs, testing, and student(s) needs